Main Research Areas

Climate Finance

IIGF supports the international negotiations mechanism of climate finance and climate finance research in China and internationally. IIGF generates high-quality scientific research on climate finance and is an academic support institution for the Chinese Ministry of Finance.

Green Finance

IIGF is an executive member of the Green Finance Committee (GFC) of the China Society for Finance and Banking. IIGF researches and publishes reports on green bonds, green investments, green credit, green insurance, environmental stress testing, ESG methodology and evaluation system, green index, ESG index, ESG rating, etc. IIGF’s RCCEF is the first Chinese observer at the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) for the Green Bond Principles (GBP).

Energy Finance

IIGF is a leading think tank on multidisciplinary research of energy economics and finance, analyzing both traditional energy finance and clean energy finance. IIGF’s research focuses on energy finance in China, and in the countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Health Finance

IIGF collaborates with health institutions to provide innovative and relevant research within health finance, health insurance and healthcare.

Green Belt and Road Initiative Center

It is a center of the International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF) of the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE). The Green Belt and Road Initiative Center (Green BRI Center) provides research, analyses, policy engagement and intelligence on policies, economics, environment, sustainability and green finance of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – also known as Silk Road Initiative.

We strive to be the global leader for independent and research-based policy development, advisory and action to build am ecologically-friendly and green Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with zero greenhouse gas emissions, protected biodiversity, and better livelihoods for people.

The Green BRI Center is also engaged in capacity building for private and public institutions.

The Green BRI Center was founded in 2019 with Dr. Christoph NEDOPIL WANG as the inaugural director.

1 Monographs

IIGF publishes monographs on Green Finance, Climate Finance, Energy Finance and Health Finance for the Chinese and international markets, e.g.

2 Research Reports

IIGF provides research reports to regulators, Eliminate the comma. and business decision makers, e.g.

  • Various Green Financial Reports
  • Research Reports of Green Finance for Low-Carbon Cities

6 Support of Subnational Green Financial Systems

IIGF supports the creation of green financial system on a subnational level, for example in Beijing, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Hubei and Xiongan New Area. IIGF also supported the development of the “Green Financial Reform Innovation Experimental Zone” in Guangdong and Zhejiang.

7 Education and training

IIGF focuses on the capacity building of green finance, and provides various thematic trainings on the theory, policy, market and practice of green finance, ESG, green bonds, climate finance, energy finance, health finance, etc. for government departments, financial institutions, enterprises, media and universities.

8 Journals

IIGF is the chair and host organization of the bilingual research journal Green Finance in China, published by China Financial Publishing House.IIGF ESG Dynamics and Analysis is a bi-weekly magazine published in cooperation with Sina Finance. IIGF/ We regularly publish a monthly magazine on green finance to track the latest development of green finance.