Practical Application

IIGF focuses on the practice of scientific research results in green finance-related fields and explores methods that can transform scientific research results into creative financial products.. IIGF realizes the innovative value of academic research results and provides practical research services for enterprises and financial institutions, etc. IIGF also continuously contributes to improving the interest parties’ […]

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Database Construction

While conducting in-depth research on green finance-related fields, IIGF also focuses on data collection and analysis. IIGF has established a number of leading domestic databases with wide coverage, rich content, and a large time span to further promote green finance development. Among them, the IIGF ESG database is the largest online ESG database developed by […]

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ESG Credit Model

IIGF has es tablished the ESG credit model which is aimed to break through the issue of current credit rating modes that only focus on creditability without the consideration of credit quality. The ESG credit model contains three types of evaluation indicators: credit-environment, credit-ability, andcredit-quality. Specifically, the credit-environment measures the macroeconomic situation; the credit-ability measures […]

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ESG Evaluation System

IIGF has been committed to the research of Chinese ESG localization. In 2017, on the basis of the Green evaluation system, IIGF independently developed the “ESG evaluation system” in line with Chinese characteristics. It involves qualitative and uantitative indicators of Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance, as well as the company’s Negative behaviors and […]

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Green Evaluation System

IIGF has independently developed a comprehensive and innovative “Green Evaluation System” to measure the green level of listed companies. The system includes qualitative indicators, quantitative indicators, and negative environmental protection behaviors. The “Green Evaluation System” has three major characteristics. Firstly, the indicator system involves both qualitative and quantitative indicators. Secondly, the indicator system emphasizes the […]

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