IIGF focuses on the practice of scientific research results in green finance-related fields and explores methods that can transform scientific research results into creative financial products.. IIGF realizes the innovative value of academic research results and provides practical research services for enterprises and financial institutions, etc. IIGF also continuously contributes to improving the interest parties’ governance and investment capability. Currently, the research team of IIGF has compiled and released several indices based on the independently developed ESG indicator system. For instance, the “CSI CUFE SH-SZ 100 ESG leading index”, “CSI 300 Green Leading Stock Index”, “CUFE-CNI SZ-HK Connect Green Selection Index”, SINA “Beautiful China ESG 100 Stock Index”, JD Digital “ESG Industry Series Index”, “CUFE-SZRCB Suzhou Green Development Index”, and “CUFE-Suzhou Yangtze River Delta Integrated Green Development Bond Index”. These ESG indices are aimed to provide standards and guidelines for the company’s ESG level measurement. Meanwhile, the ESG database resources can largely support companies in two more ways. On the Firstly, it can further improve the company’s governance level by generating more targeted suggestions. Secondly, IIGF Database can assist fund companies to develop related ESG financial products. Additionally, the green finance business management system of commercial banks which involves green credit intelligent methods and ESG concepts could effectively improve the commercial bank’s green financial management capabilities.