IIGF has been committed to the research of Chinese ESG localization. In 2017, on the basis of the Green evaluation system, IIGF independently developed the “ESG evaluation system” in line with Chinese characteristics. It involves qualitative and uantitative indicators of Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance, as well as the company’s Negative behaviors and risks in order to comprehensively measure corporate ESG levels. The indicator system includes 3 first-level indicators, 22 second-level indicators, and more than 200 third-level indicators. There occurs mainly three key characteristics of The IIGF Evaluation System has (or contains) three key characteristics that set it apart from more traditional systems of evaluation. Firstly, it is specially designed and localized in China, which could truly reflect Chinese characteristics. Secondly, the ESG indicators both include qualitative and quantitative indicators in the three dimensions of Environmental, Social, and Governance. Besides, the IIGF ESG evaluation system emphasizes the listed company’s negative behaviors and risks to comprehensively evaluate the responding ESG performance.