While conducting in-depth research on green finance-related fields, IIGF also focuses on data collection and analysis. IIGF has established a number of leading domestic databases with wide coverage, rich content, and a large time span to further promote green finance development. Among them, the IIGF ESG database is the largest online ESG database developed by an academic research team using independent methodologies. It has the only ESG rating database for Chinese bond entities worldwide up until now, which covers ESG data for more than 4,000 Chinese companies. Besides, IIGF has the complete domestic labeled green bond database, which also uniquely tracks the non-labeled green bond market with a large volume and diverse varieties. Additionally, an international IIGF green bond database is also under construction and improvement. Besides, Our databases of local green finance, energy finance, B&R, health finance, have been completed and are currently providing data support for professional research and policy formulation.